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A fascinating experience of an easy stroll, along a flower-filled gully, between the lateral moraine of Battura glacier and the mountains. A four day easy walk with superb views of the Ultar (7388m), Shispare (7611m), Passu peak (7284m), Karun Koh (7350m), Lupghar Group, battura peaks, and other mountains, in Shimshal Region. Spend a free day at Hunza, and discover about the longivoty of Hunza Kuts, Before you return Journey on the Karakoram Highway to Islamabad.


Day 1: Arrival at Islamabad.
Day 2: Fly (1hr) or drive to Gilgit (13-14hrs).
Day 3: Continue on Karakoram Highway to Gulmith (5-6hrs).
Day 4: Drive to Passu bridge and walk long south terminal moraine, following shepherds track, the path levels at the top of moraine with the wild roses, and thorn bushes with impressive back views. Continue to the small summer settlement of Mulung hill, a flat camp site at about (2900m)(4-5hrs)
Day 5: Traverse Battura glacier, near Kirgs Washik. The first 30 minutes walk is over large rough boulders, with another (60-90minutes) on relatively smooth but slippery white ice, and final (1-2hrs) easy walk along the north lateral moraine, takes you to Yasmipirt, the main summer settlement with grassy slopes, Juniper forest, and superb iceflow (5-7hrs) walk, camp at (3300m).
Day 6: Along lateral moraine to Fatima Hill, A summer village with magnificent views of Battura group of peaks (7500-7785m). Take a lunch break, and continue to the beautiful summer settlement of Kukhil at (3400m). A (4-5hrs) walk, with superb views.
Day 7: (2-4hrs) walk to Gutshism, along a rock filled stream, through Juniper, and wild alpine flowers. A good camp site beside a stream with excellent views of Battura and Passu Massives, and many others.
Day 8: Free for local hikes, and explorations.
Day 9: Return the same way to Kukhil.
Day 10: Trek to Yashipirt.
Day 11: A beautiful walk of first two hours to Yokpirt (yaks pasture), through willows, Tamarisk, Juniper, wild roses and blue clumps of wild lavender. The nest (2-3hrs) trek is scrambling over lateral moraine and picking your way along the crevasses to Yoiunzin.
Day 12: (3-4hrs), walk directly or over the Yunz pass, with scenic views to Passu, and drive to Hunza.
Day 13: Free for sightseeing and visit of Altit and Baltit Forts.
Day 14: Long drive to Besham on KKH provides spectacular views, (10-11hrs).
Day 15: The last leg of your journey to Islamabad (7-8hrs) and to home.


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