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One of the most strenuous but equally rewarding walk of over on hundred kilometer traverse, of biafo and Hisper Glacier, passing through 30 square miles and 1.5 km thick now Lake. The huge glacial systems of the central Karakoram presented explorers, with formidable challenges, right up until the 1930,s when Eric Shipton forged a link over Karakoram watershed, to the Shaksgam valley in Xinjiang. our trek will capture something of this pioneering spirit, as we traverse the Biafo and hisper glaciers, and explore the main divide of the inner Karakoram. From Askole we follow the first few stages of the K2 trek before diverting up the Biafo Glacier. The route provides breath taking views of Ogre, Latoks and counties unclimbed peaks, as we walk over cracking glacier.


Day 1: Arrival at Islamabad.
Day 2: Skardu: Fly to Skardu (1hr) or drive to Chilas (11-12hrs).
Day 3: Free at Skardu or drive to Chilas-Skardu.
Day 4: Jeeps Askole.
Day 5: Namla: (6-7hrs) walk to providing panoramic views of boulder strewn Biafo Glacier.
Day 6: Mango: A gentle climb on unstable boulders, then across crevasses, to the green camp site at a side stream at (3650m)
Day 7: Baintha: (5-6hrs) walk to baintha a grassy area with clear stream and wild bushes at (4020m).
Day 8: Free to explore.
Day 9: Napina: (5-6hrs) gentle ascend and crossing of crevasses out to the easy white ice. A green camp with fresh water at (4400m).
Day 10: Hisper BC: (4-5hrs) walk on snow with danger of crevasses, cross intersection with Simgang glacier, and camp at snow at (4780m).
Day 11: Free for rest and local explorations.
Day 12: (4-5hrs) a steady climb to the top of Hispar pass (5110m). Camp on the wide flat top of the pass.
Day 13: (5-6hrs) descend with hidden crevasses, on boulders, scree and moraine, near to the junction of Khani Basa glacier at (4580m).
Day 14: Yutmaru Glacier: Traverse Khani Basa glacier, with fine views, of Kanjut Sar (7760m), and camp near Yutmaru Gl in a flat field at (4350m).
Day 15: Dachigan: (5-6hrs) hard walk of boulder hopping, with last views of Hisper pass top, from the middle of Hisper glacier camp at grassy pasture at (4050m).
Day 16: Free for local hikes.
Day 17: Hisper village: Cross Kunyang glacier and continue on a gentle walk to Hisper village after crossing Hisper River on a wire pully.
Day 18: (5-6hrs) last day trek to Huru through hot Hisper Gorge, camp at (2800m) near a lone Shepherds Hut, perched on a shelf 150m above the river.
Day 19: Jeep drive to Hunza.
Day 20: Am free, Pm drive to Gilgit.
Day 21: Fly or drive to Islamabad.
Day 22: Am free, pm fly home.


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