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On this safari we traverse, almost, all of the western Himalaya and Hindukush Range driving and walking, along some splendid areas of Karakoram. We also have magnificent views of the naked mountain, Nanga Parbat (8125m), Rakaposhi(7788m), Diran (7327m), Golden Peak (7027m), Ultar Sar (7388m), and Trichmir (7706m), the highest of Hindukush. This is a combination of different adventures, through the Valleys of the legendary Hunza, and the black Kalash. The trip is unforgetable for its beauty, and the people with rich cultural background.

From Gilgit we drive upstream the Ghizar River, and over the Shandur pass (3720m), into Chitral Valley, From Chitral we go south to the Kalash Valleys of Berir, Bumburet and Rambur. This is the home of the Kafir-Kalash, a primitive pagan tribe, whose ancestry is enveloped in mystery, and is the subject of much controversy, though often mentioned as, the descendants of Alexander the great.


Day 1: Arrival at Islamabad.
Day 2: A pleasant drive to Shogran in beautiful Kaghan Valley at (2400m)(6-7hrs)
Day 3: To Naran the center of Kaghan Valley, and a superb place for hikes(3-4hrs)
Day 4: Day free for exploration and visit to legendary lake Saiful-Maluk at (3212m)
Day 5: A spectacular ascend on jeep to Babusar Pass (4173m), provides views of whole Kaghan panorama drive steep down hill for 50km to Chilas (6-8hrs)
Day 6: Across KKH and Indus River, through Astore gorge, to beautiful Rama lake at (3480m)(5-6hrs)
Day 7: Descend to Astore and Continue to Chilum at the foot of Deosai plateau.
Day 8: Today drive will be a life time Memory, of driving through a tree less wilderness, at (4000m) knee deep in summer grass with beautiful wild flowers, whistling marmots and grazing yaks. Descend down through narrow Satpara gorge, to the deep blue Satpara lake.
Day 9: Fully day excursion to beautiful Shigar valley full of fruit orchards, and terraced wheat, maize and barley fields.
Day 10: An adventurous (8-10hrs) drive to Hunza via Gilgit with magnificent panorama of the mighty Indus river, squeezed between high cliffs of the Haramosh and Rakaposhi ranges, fighting its way through deep gorges.
Day 11: Free day to explore about the legendary Hunza kuts, and to visit forts.
Day 12: Excursion to historical Khunjerab pass at (4733m) this roof of the world is the highest border crossing on a paved road.
Day 13: On the foot steps of the Marco polo to Punial valley via Gilgit (6-7hrs) to this, first old Kingdom 35km west of Gilgit.
Day 14: (7-8hrs) spectacular drive to the deep blue phander lake, full of Golden trout fish. A paradise for anglers.
Day 15: Ascend Shandur pass, at (3734m) and the highest Polo field in the world, with beautiful mountain panorama continue drive to Mastuj.
Day 16: (5-6hrs) journey to Chitral town, a central town and starting point to the side valleys.
Day 17: Full day excursion to the Kafir Kalash valleys at Bamboret.
Day 18: Continue journey, through (3118m) Lowari pass to Swat valley (8-10hrs).
Day 19: Visit Ghandara sites and , bazars to this historical and one of the prettiest valleys, and in the afternoon drive to peshawar.
Day 20: Visit historical and interesting city of peshawar, with a very rich museum. PM drive to Islamabad.
Day 21: Day free for rest and last day shopping.
Day 22: Fly home.


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